Erika Graves

Qualified Mental Health Professional – Therapist

My Bio

The therapeutic space is one that is one I put purpose and pride into. This space is to be informed by both the people who share it, and is to provide a container for all of the participants parts. I want to emphasize a sense of equity of this shared space, to ensure a sense of safety and autonomy. This is your space and time, and I am glad to be a part of it. Getting to know you, and providing a time and space where you can be your most authentic self where we work together is my ultimate goal. I am aware that this process is a difficult one, and this work can be intimidating, all the more reason to give yourself compassion and praise for taking these steps. I am extremely grateful to be doing the work that I do, and am eager to work with you to ensure you feel authentically yourself.

My approach and methodology at its core is affirmation of the self and autonomy to create self-compassion for all parts. Affirmative Approaches was created originally for LGBTQIA+ individuals, and as a Queer Agender person, I want to be able to make this approach as accessible as possible. Deconstructing binaries and recognizing systemic influences drives my approaches to further increase the sense of self and self-compassion. My Master’s program was a dual program with Art Therapy, so creative expression and analogies are often present and utilized to reinforce accessibility and psychoeducation. My belief and training emphasize the depth of processing that creation can produce, in addition to the accessibility art provides as a way to communicate ideas when words feel obscure.

I graduated from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Art Therapy. To support this, I earned my Bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts and Psychology. In my education, I focused heavily on Oppressive systems, LGBTQIA+ history and advocacy, attachment, and the lifespan.

Outside of the office, you’ll find me roller skating and making art. I focused in printmaking in my undergrad, and am now exploring digital work. My cat, Greyson, has taught me deeply how to make time for rest and enthusiastically taking space without shame. If you’d like to see her just ask, she’s usually napping nearby. I am originally from Denver, Colorado, I moved here for my undergrad, and cannot imagine living anywhere else.

Areas of Focus:

  • Adults
  • Shame
  • Trauma
  • Sexual Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Ethical Non-Monogamy & Poly Relationships
  • Kink & Sexuality
  • Depression
  • Attachment
  • Childhood Abuse & Neglect
  • Dissociative Disorders & DID

My Approaches:

  • Affirmative Approaches
  • Positive Psychology
  • Art Therapy
  • Existential Approaches
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Internal Family System/Parts Theory (IFS)
  • Strength Based
  • Humanistic
  • Feministic


Supervised by Eliza Butler, LCSW

Headshot by: Kimmi Burk