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Research shows that yoga helps regulate the central nervous system and can profoundly decrease symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

Yoga is a wonderful way to take care of the whole body and promote mental and emotional well being. It is commonly believed to be a form of stretching or exercise but the benefits are much more encompassing then a general workout. A yoga class will incorporate mindfulness, breath, movement, body awareness and yoga props to create a well-rounded experience. Some of the benefits of a yoga practice include improving circulation, oxygenation of blood, concentration, memory, relaxation, reducing stress, improving digestion, releasing tension, easing pain and balancing hormones. Many students say they feel better, more calm, more at ease, less stressed, are able to think and sleep better, and feel happier after taking a yoga class. Yoga is easily adaptable to all body types, skill levels and populations, making it an exceptional tool to maintain optimal health and well-being.

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