The decision to begin a therapeutic relationship is often prompted either by crisis or feeling stuck in an ongoing pattern that is no longer acceptable. The context of this decision often helps push through what would otherwise be hurdles to treatment including social stigma, scheduling difficulties, or the emotional challenge associated with therapy (it’s hard work!). Our goal is to provide a warm, comfortable setting with therapists who view themselves as partners in your journey. The philosophy behind our center is that all people are worthy of respect, honor, empowerment and choice. The therapeutic relationship should be a reflection of these principles, which is what we strive for.

Supporting self-determination in our clients while challenging stigma associated with mental health are components of the paradigm from which we approach therapy, At the most basic level we believe everyone should have choice in how they approach their process. There are different practitioners available with varying specializations, as well as several modalities from which our clients can draw from in order to heal in a way that feels authentic and reasonable. Safety, choice, empowerment, and an encompassing approach to healing are the principles that underscore our approach to feeling better

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