Somatic Touch

Our massage therapist is also trained in somatic touch, more specifically a technique called MABT (Mindful Awareness Body-Oriented Therapy). This treatment integrates mindfulness, touch/manual therapy and psycho-education. The goal of this therapy is to help the client access interoceptive awareness through mindful meditative attention and to develop practices that can be integrated into daily life to promote self-care and emotion regulation.

A full MABT session can be done clothed with client laying on the massage table. There are specific awareness techniques that the therapist does with the client. These involve breath work, attention to sensation, noticing of emotions or memories and building a skill set of articulating the specific sensations felt. The client gains tools for a greater sense of self awareness, mindfulness and self-connection. The exercises/techniques done with the client are offered in stages so the client can feel a sense of mastery in their process.

This technique can be ideal for clients who want or need an experiential process in their healing journey.

* Treat dissociation
* Deepen connection to self
* Create greater resilience
* Build foundations to mindfulness
* Enhanced self-care
* Build capacity to listen to one’s body and trust the body
* Emotion regulation
* Greater well-being overall

Somatic touch can be offered as a solo treatment or can be incorporated into a massage session to offer a more comprehensive treatment of relaxation and heightened awareness.

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