Interpersonal Trauma

Types of interpersonal trauma can include domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, sexual abuse or exploitation, financial abuse or exploitation, or person on person crimes such as a robbery or a physical assault.

Psychic injury that occurs at the hands of another person can be layered, particularly if the perpetrator was known to the survivor. Recovery from this kind of trauma asks the survivor to hold several truths at once. An example might be that the survivor has to believe that she loves her husband who is also her abuser. A survivor of childhood abuse must resolve loving their parent, needing them, and fearing them simultaneously. Interpersonal trauma can pose a challenge to deeply held assumptions about self, others or the world and in the process of recovery must be renegotiated.

ITTC utilizes the manifestation of individual trauma symptoms as a lens into the brightest parts of the person. What hurt most about the incident(s) reflects the values or truths most dear to the survivor. This is why, for example, many people can be part of the same event but are bothered by very different aspects of it. The approach to treatment would be based on individual strengths, styles, and current needs.

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