First Responders, Veterans, Wilderness Trauma

Those committed to the safety and protection of the local and national community do their work at a hidden cost. They are exposed to the unspeakable but must protect the community from what they’ve seen at the same time. The type of circumstances to which these groups are exposed, the extent and type of training they endure to be able to manage extreme situations, and motivated to protect others places an invisible barrier between civilians and their protectors. The loyalty to their roles often puts them in a position to protect civilians from their own trauma. Exposure to horror in various forms on a regular basis makes it difficult for civilians to understand their experience; daily life can seem trivial and meaningless after a war, being in the trenches of a terrorist attack, or being exposed to human atrocity. ITTC offers treatment from therapists who have worked closely with police officers, search and rescue, veterans or who have served in such a capacity themselves.

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