This month, we are chatting with one of our Professional Counselor Associates, LeAnna Mill! LeAnna graduated from George Fox University with a master’s degree in clinical counseling in 2018 and has been working with us to gain hours for a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

In this Q&A, we discuss what motivated her decision to become a therapist, what helps her and her clients combat isolation and share some advice for other clinicians looking to build community.

When did you decide to enter the field of Mental Health and what solidified that decision?

I decided to enter the field of mental health after getting involved in an organization that worked with women who were survivors of intimate violent relationships. I first started as a participant then after a while started volunteering as a peer support facilitator for about six years. In 2008 the recession hit; I lost my job. At the time I wanted to further myself with an education and chose mental heal because I got so much healing with my own counseling that I wanted to give back.

How do you keep yourself motivated to do this work, especially when working remote?

Watching clients succeed, I get the pleasure of watching others grow and that is what motivates me to do the work.

What Group Therapy classes do you lead and how do you find these beneficial for combating isolation for your clients?

I lead the Healing From Shame and Gaslighting Groups. I think what is beneficial for combating isolation for the clients is that they learn that they are not alone in their struggles. That others have experienced the same kind of challenges and they are not isolated.

Do you have any tips or advice for other clinicians looking to build community?

Be willing to be your authentic self in all situations and get out and meet people.

Last, we’re so excited to have you join us for the retreat in Italy! As a therapist, what are you hoping to gain from the training on Trauma Coaching?

I am hoping to gain more skills on how to be a better trauma therapist. I am just open to learning as much as I can to help me and my clients be the best people we can be.

Learn more about LeAnna and her offerings here or view our group therapy schedule and descriptions here!