Multicultural Trauma Training
Location: Kigali, Rwanda
38 CE’s

Exposure to unique cultural viewpoints can foster professional growth, increased creativity, connection to something larger than ourselves, and connect us all in our humanity. Rwanda currently hosts us twice annually to allow an opportunity for learning about trauma within a multicultural context alongside local clinicians. Rwanda has set the stage for responding to catastrophe on a macro level from a trauma-informed lens and has demonstrated a post-genocide recovery process that is built upon a unified nation, reconciliation, responsibility, and acknowledgement. Learning about trauma within such a resilient context is an invaluable experience. Safari, meals, hotel, and immersion into the local culture are included. More details can be found on our partner, Global Engagement Institute’s website:

Multicultural Trauma Treatment (Rwanda)

Appropriate for:

  • Students and professionals in the field of mental health
  • Clinicians in private practice
  • Nursing
  • Alternative care workers approved on a case by case basis
  • Clergy providing support to parishioners
  • Add physicians and psychiatrists

We are also able to take group delegations:

  • Mental health group practices
  • Residential care treatment teams
  • University Faculty or cohorts