Groups Offered at ITTC & VIC

Support Groups and Workshops are a safe way to share in experience, gain some expertise in managing our emotions, to connect with others and feel less alone.  Here are some offered at our locations: DID Experiences Group: Every other Monday @ 3pm DBT Skills Group Art...

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DBT Groups Now Offered at ITTC

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is an excellent tool for affect regulation and helps those who are struggling to keep their emotions within a window that feels reasonable.  We often utilize it in adjunct with individual therapy for trauma survivors who want to build some...

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Broccoli, Chocolate & Trauma

Many survivors of interpersonal abuse, in its' various forms find themselves continually adapting to and evaluating their environment; specifically those in proximity who may cause harm. Anticipating the emotional overlay in an unpredictable setting is clearly...

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Workshop for Trauma Survivors

Coming Soon....Honoring your Internal Warriors: Preparing for Trauma Work from an Internal Family Systems Perspective." Athena Phillips, LCSW will be offering a workshop for trauma survivors who are in the early stages of recovery. The decision to engage in therapy is...

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Understanding PTSD

Attached is a video that identifies the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder or #ptsd, and talks about treatment outcome.

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Mindfulness: All it Takes is a Moment

I've been running short on time lately, which has threatened one of my most important personal self-care strategies, and one I often recommend to my clients: mindfulness.  When I mention this to folks they usually state: I don't have time for that! In most cases, what...

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Social Media & Trauma

Social media has become so interwoven into the details of our lives, turning our private (and occasionally mundane) thoughts into public domain. In order to remain connected not only socially, but professionally, Facebook and other forms of social media are less...

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Stress Management Group!

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Thursdays April 16-June 4, 2015 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm, $300 Learn how to sit down, slow your mind and change your brain. This 8-week course will allow you to learn and practice a researchproven method for reducing stress and building a...

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