In-Person Policies


Intake assessments must be completed virtually.

To streamline the process of care, all initial visits and intake assessments must be completed virtually prior to in-person care. The intake assessment will assess for goodness fit for ITTC.

In-person services are available Wednesday & Thursday only.

Our office is only open to the public 2x per week and space is limited to first come, first serve basis. Additionally, we have limited staff that are able to see clients in-person. Please check our Team Member page to ensure that the clinician you are wanting to see is offering in-person services.

Client and clinician should agree that in-person services are appropriate.

Appropriateness of in-person care is based on the following criteria:

  • Level of stability and ability to regulate after session.
  • Reliable transportation and ability to make in-person appointments.
  • Ability abide by waiting room and office decorum.

In-person and telehealth services are not interchangeable.

If you choose to be seen in-person for individual therapy services, then in-person is the only way individual therapy services can be rendered unless clinician needs to schedule a telehealth appointment for extenuating circumstances.

Weather is the only extenuating circumstances a client may reschedule to a telehealth appointment.  

Illness: Telehealth will not be offered in lieu of in-person due to illness. If you are feeling  unwell, please take this time to practice self-care and reschedule your appointment. 

Parking, Waiting Rooms, & The Big Hill.

Due to the size of the waiting room, the earliest you can arrive in our building is 15 minutes prior to appointment and stay only 15 minutes after appointment.

As with most of Portland, parking is extremely limited. Please utilize public transportation or arrange for pick ups and drop offs as much as possible.

If you choose to utilize public transportation, we are located right above the Goose Hollow max stop. We are located at the top of a large hill. If you feel uncomfortable or unable to walk up hill, please consider telehealth services.

Support Animal Policy

ITTC is a shared space. To be sensitive to our clients, staff, neighboring businesses and our landlord, animals that are not considered service animals are prohibited.

The ADA authorizes the use of service animals in businesses only for the benefit of individuals with disabilities. A service animal is any guide dog or signal dog trained to provide assistance to a person with a disability. As defined by the ADA, dogs whose function is to provide comfort or emotional support DO NOT qualify as service animals. Service animals are trained working animals, not pets.

If you arrive to your appointment with an animal that is not deemed a service animal by the ADA, your appointment will be cancelled and we will need to reschedule you for a time when you can attend without your animal.

These policies are in addition to ITTC's current telehealth policies.

All individual services policies are transferrable to in-person care. Including but not limited:

  • Attendance and Engagement Policy.
  • Pay is due at the time of service rendered and a card must be kept on file*.


*this does not apply to medicaid clients.