Group Agreements

Group Agreements are the recognized rules of behavior for group members who participate in ITTC groups. These agreed upon patterns of participation and expectations influence the way group members interact and provides the framework for communication that feels safe and welcoming. Participation in our groups requires a signatory agreement to adhere to established agreements.

A copy of the group agreements outlined below will be supplied to each participant for electronic signature prior to engaging in groups.


You have the right to confidentiality and privacy by the group leaders and other group members. Confidentiality within the group setting is a shared responsibility of all members and leaders. While group leaders may not disclose any client communications or information except as provided by law, group members’ communications are not protected. As such, confidentiality within the group setting is often based on mutual trust and respect.

ITTC adheres to professional, legal, and ethical guidelines of confidentiality established by professional organizations and state law. Legal and ethical exceptions to confidentiality include: a clear or present danger to harm yourself or another, knowledge of the abuse or neglect of a minor child or incapacitated adult, or responses to a court subpoena or as otherwise required by law.

As a member of any ITTC groups, I agree to not disclose to anyone outside the group any information that may help to identify another group member. This includes, but is not limited to, names, physical descriptions, biological information, and specifics to the content of interactions with other group members.

I understand that if I violate this confidentiality I could be removed from the group.

If I am receiving individual counseling at ITTC, I understand that my confidentiality will be maintained unless I choose to disclose this information to the group. I am also aware that my individual therapist and group leader(s) may consult about my treatment to provide the best care possible.

I understand that while attending group sessions, I must be in a confidential space. This means I will not be in a public setting, but rather in a private place where no one can see or hear me or other group members.


I understand that If I am asked questions or asked to participate in an activity which makes me feel uncomfortable, I have the right to pass. I agree that I will never pressure other group members to participate in any discussion or activity after the member has passed or refused. I understand that the group leader is obliged to protect this right.

I also understand that I will benefit more from the group the more I am able to take risks in sharing and participating.

I understand the importance of sharing group space and allowing for others to participate.

I agree that I will be fully present when attending group and not use technology as a distraction. (i.e. Surfing the web, using cellphone, etc.)

I understand that my camera needs to be on for the duration of the group to ensure the safety of other participants.


Once I commit to attending a group, I agree to attend a minimum of three sessions, to stay the entire session, and be punctual. I agree to notify the group leader at least 24 hours in advance if I am going to miss a session. I understand that late cancellations and no-show appointments will incur a $25 fee.

*Clients with OHP cannot be charged a No-Show Fee

I understand that if I miss the first scheduled group session without notifying the group leader, I will be removed from the group.

I understand that if I miss two or more group sessions without notifying the group leader, I will be removed from the group and attending future groups may be impacted.


I agree to participate in group sober and not under the influence of controlled substances.

I agree to behave respectfully toward all group members and group leaders, in order to maintain the safety of group.

I understand that group members are encouraged to share aspects of their personal identity that are meaningful to them and are expected to be supportive of this sharing by others. Aspects of identity that might be discussed include race, ethnicity, language, nationality, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, ability, and socioeconomic status.

I understand that intimidation, harassment, or discrimination of any kind of other participants or group leaders will not be tolerated.