Trauma Coaching

Symptom management is a critical part of trauma recovery and mental health in general. Our trauma coaches will help facilitate self – reflection, skill building, and future thinking in a safe and manageable atmosphere.

Trauma Coaching at the Integrative Trauma Treatment Center is a human-first approach to empower trauma survivors by focusing on the here and now. Our Coaches do not engage in the trauma story but rather work with their clients on developing skills to better manage their symptoms. We assume goodness and capacity in all people while building on the unique characteristics of each individual. Clients will work with our Coaches either as an addition to psychotherapy or on its own in effort to build on strengths and work towards goals for growth and healing.

Working with a Trauma Coach can help you:

  • Build self-care skills and breakdown trauma-generated barriers to tending to health care.
  • Provide support as you move through trauma with your therapist.
  • Improve capacity for emotion management.
  • Address current changes in your life, or provide support in making a change
  • Grow personally and professionally.
  • Learn skills that will help you in your healing.
  • Build confidence to step into your full authentic self. 
  • Help identify resources and community. 

Coaching is designed to help you identify and build upon your own wisdom and strength to move from survival to thriving.

Meet Your Coaches

Lexi Sheehan

Lexi Sheehan


Reiki Practitioner + Certified Trauma Coach
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Specializes in:

  • balancing & grounding energy
  • tips on creating a healing space
  • spiritual/ritual development
  • creative visualization
  • working with Intuition
  • healing through writing
  • manifesting dreams, goals & ambitions
There was an article about how a high school had its lights on for over a year because no one in the entire district knew how to turn them off. This resonated deeply with me because I felt this in the opposite effect: Trauma felt like all the lights going off and I couldn’t figure out how to turn them back on.

I know the work of healing from trauma can feel incredibly lonely and we shouldn’t have to walk it alone. We learn to lean into the work without making healing our identities and instead, come home to ourselves.

As a Coach, I will meet you at your threshold and walk through the unknown with compassion, each step safe and supported. We will open the toolbox of worksheets and practices and find the ones that resonate with your goals and will best aide in your growth.

To me, growth is about building capacity, tolerance and resilience. By working together, you will feel empowered to negotiate the new terms for the fullest most authentic life you want and is meant just for you.

It is my deepest wish for you to leave our time together with a greater sense of purpose and awareness of your inner most nature – a light that can never go out.

Jenna Adams

Jenna Adams


Admin & Certified Trauma Coach
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Specializes in:

  • artistic coping skills
  • creative progress tracking techniques
  • healing through art
A Minnesota native, I moved to Portland in 1999 for college. After graduating with a B.S in sculpture, I started looking for a way to utilize art to serve my community.

This is when I found Children’s Healing Arts Project. I volunteered with CHAP for 10 years as an in hospital art teacher at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. During that time & the years to follow, I also worked retail sales at a motorcycle shop, worked in the trades, and volunteered doing Search & Rescue (SAR).

My time with both CHAP & SAR solidified my desire to find a more meaningful career. I wanted to continue being a guide to those navigating life’s most trying & challenging times.

When I learned about ITTC their mission resonated with me, and in 2023 I was ready to make my passion my profession. I am honored to be part of the ITTC family, and to have the opportunity to support those on a journey of healing and self care! We are stronger together.

When I’m not coaching, I love hiking with my dog, making art, cooking, and traveling.



Initial Intake

Free – Get to know your coach, ask questions, and explore how coaching could help you meet your goals! No commitment necessary.

Bundle of 8 Sessions

$450 – The ideal Coaching Package for those looking to work consistently with a coach designed around your schedule (weekly, biweekly, etc.)

Individual Sessions

$75 – For those looking to add additional sessions while currently working with a coach or looking for a check-in.

Frequently Asked Questions


Intake sessions are 60 minutes. Each coaching session takes 45 minutes via video conference during ITTC business hours and to be held at a regularly scheduled agreed upon time.


You will be responsible for the full payment of the package, even if you elect to miss sessions during the coaching service timeframe. Fees are charged on a per session basis.


The role of the coach is to provide trauma psychoeducation, schedule collaborative care between providers, and support you with tools and resources for skill building and emotion management. The role of the coach is not to provide mental health services, diagnosis or billable treatment


You will be responsible for setting own goals and collaborating on action steps to reach those goals, being an active participant in meetings, and following through on action steps in-between meetings


Communication between meetings is for scheduling purposes only and must be conducted via email. It is encouraged that you take detailed notes, voice memos, etc. that can be reviewed at the next scheduled session as needed.

What To Expect

Trauma Coaching at ITTC is designed to help you facilitate the creation of personal goals and to develop and carry out a strategy for achieving those goals. While the process and timeline is unique to everyone, your time working with a coach will follow a consistent structure:

Initial Intake & Consulation

The intake is a non-committal session where you will meet with one of our coaches for a session going over the coaching process, policies and determine the Coaching/Client agreement.

Make a Plan

It’s important to know where you want to go so the first step is developing goals with the support of your coach. Progress towards goals can be re-evaluated at the end of every purchased bundle.

Learn & Grow

By using your predetermined goals, each session will include time for check-ins and skill development work through worksheets, assignments and practices to be applied in daily life. This is where the growth happens!


At the end of the time working with your coach, you will have accomplished your desired goals and feel confident in your abilities to apply learned skills.