Fall is full speed ahead here in the PNW and we have just the right group therapy sessions kicking off to embrace the seasonal transitions. Our groups are offered through Telehealth and created and implemented in a closed session format that lasts on average 6-12 weeks. This helps to build group cohesion, establish group norms and create safety. To join: Contact your ITTC provider or complete the request form 

Here are 5 Groups to Join in October:

1) Transforming the Living Legacy of Trauma Part 1 – with Sam

Time: Thursdays at 1:00 pm

Session length: 10 weeks

Session Dates: 10/5/2023 – 12/14/2023 *No group on November 23rd due to holiday closure

Demographic: Adults

Description: Written for survivors of all forms of trauma, Transforming the Living Legacy of Trauma by Dr. Janina Fisher helps readers to better understand the impacts of trauma and how they have adapted to survive through it. Group members with read through the workbook together in session and process each chapter collaboratively, enabling them to reflect and build skills together and to recognize their experiences in others. This connection with community will be integral in building sustainable coping skills and moving toward resolution and healing.

Transforming the Living Legacy of Trauma Part 1 will focus on helping clients better understand how traumatic experiences affect their brains, bodies, and their experiences of the world and ourselves, as well as how their present-day struggle may give them clues into how they coped with and survived through their traumas in the first place.

2) Trauma 101: Learning Trauma Basics – with Sarah

Time: Tuesdays at 3:00 pm
Session length: 5 weeks
Session Dates: 10/10/2023 – 11/7/2023

Demographic: Adults

Description: Trauma 101 is a five-week psychoeducational group designed to offer information around what trauma is, how it can manifest, and how this connects to the phases of trauma treatment. We will explore topics including complex trauma, the ways trauma can manifest generationally or systemically, what can make us more or less likely to experience post-traumatic effects, protective factors against trauma, as well as ways to continue to maintain and build internal and external resources when working with trauma.

This group is by no means an end-all-be-all to trauma knowledge but hopefully begins an integration of understanding and awareness in the navigating of your trauma story, and is designed for all levels of folks in their trauma process with the goal of harnessing knowledge as a tool to empower your individual work in and out of therapy.

3) Healing from Shame – with LeAnna

Time: Wednesdays at 4:00 pm
Session length: 8 weeks

Session Dates: 10/11/2023 – 11/29/2023

Demographic: Adults

Description: This is a psycho educational group where you will explore shame. This group will focus how we internalize what has happened to us or what we have done and turned it into how we identify ourselves (shame). Using the books Shame No More written by Dr. Richard Shaw, Mending the Soul by Steven R. Tracy and Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown as throughout the eight week sessions. The group will focus on learning the difference between shame and guilt and how shame shows up in our lives and how it affects how we see ourselves and everything around us. “Healing, forgiveness, freedom, empowerment, and hope wait on the other side of our shame.” Dr. Richard Shaw

4) Gaslighting – with LeAnna

Time: Thursdays 4:00 pm
Session length: 11 weeks
Session Dates: 10/12/2023 – 12/28/2023 *No group on November 23rd due to holiday closure

Demographic: Adults

Description: “Gaslighting” is defined as psychological manipulation where a person seeks to sow seeds of doubt in an individual, utilizing such methods as denial, contradictions, lying and misdirection. It is a form of emotional abuse that can cause people to question their reality, judgment, and self-perception. Gaslighting distorts truth to manipulate, creates confusion, and is a type of control. This group will explore the ways gaslighting can show up in three different types of relationships: professional, romantic and friends/family.

Over the course of 11 weeks this group will focus on: gaslighting influences, stages of recovery, and healing from the trauma of being gaslight. Together we will learn about forms of Gaslighting, discuss the dynamics of this form of psychological abuse, and how to begin the healing process.

The group will be structured as both educational and a therapeutic space. Group members are encouraged to share thoughts and feelings.

A journal reflection assignment will be given each week.

5) Living with Chronic Health Conditions Peer Support Group – with Kristy

Time: Tuesdays at 5pm
Session length: 8 weeks

Session Dates: 10/24/2023 – 12/19/2023

Demographic: Adults

Description: Living with a chronic health condition can challenge one’s life in multiple ways. This 8-week group brings together those who want to receive and give support in relation to chronic health conditions. We will explore a different topic each week and then move to group discussion. The instructor will offer a topic for week 1 and the rest will be decided on by the group during the first week of class. Possible topics may include socializing, guilt, accessibility, relationships, or emotional regulation.

*Medical advice will not be discussed in this group.