Integrative Trauma Treatment Center

Integrating psychotherapy, medication management, body work & mindfulness for an encompassing and empowering approach to healing.

Located in Portland, OR


**Current and new clients, please be advised that due to increasing concerns surround COVID-19 and wanting to put the safety of our clients and staff first, starting Monday, March 16th, all services will be offered electronically until further notice**

Touch therapy & hands on bodywork temporarily not available

What we do

Our Approach

Integrating the following services for a collective and collaborative approach to trauma processing.


Our goal is to provide a warm, comfortable setting with therapists who view themselves as partners in your journey.

Medication Management

Psychiatric medication
is one tool of several in
our approach to feeling


Acupuncture is known
to balance fight
or flight/rest and
digest symptoms.


Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.


Massage with therapy provides an opportunity to compliment goals of the psychotherapy.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Acupuncture is known
to balance fight
or flight/rest and
digest symptoms.

All Services Are Offered A La Carte As Well As In Adjunct
About Us

Integrative Trauma Treatment Center (ITTC)

ITTC provides trauma treatment to survivors of physical, emotional, and political trauma from a prism of honor, reverence and optimism. We work from the assumption of inherent goodness, health and capacity in all people.

ITTC practitioners have various specialities in other arenas of mental health in addition to post-traumatic stress. Trauma is our specialty, which increases our ability to address other concerns with sensitivity, compassion, and skill.

Meet Us

Our Team


Elliot Townley

MS, NCC, LPCi - Therapist





Dennis Ahana

LPC-i, QMHP - Intake Coordinator - Therapist





Chelsea Gokcay

CSWA - Therapist

Annie Stewart

CSWA, QMHP - Therapist - Telehealth Only

Matt Elliott

LMFT-i, QMHP- Therapist





Modi Soondarotok

CSWA - Therapist



Eliza Butler

LCSW - Therapist




Aileen McAteer

CSWA - Therapist


Yazmin Alvarez

LMFT-i - Therapist - Telehealth Only


Milena Trifunovich

LPCI - Therapist



Linda Nguyen

QMHP - Therapist





Sam Washburn

MA, NCC, LPCi - Therapist - Telehealth Only





Lisa Stewart

LCSW, Clinical Supervisor

Prescribing Practitioners

Cathy Ahern


Odiri Akushe



Athena Phillips

LCSW, Founder ITTC, Co-Founder Bloom Integrative Care

Libby DeFehr

Admin, Co-Owner ITTC, Co-Founder Bloom Integrative Care

Terese Castellanos

LCSW, Clinical Director 


Rachael Bennett

Receptionist ITTC, Board Member at Large ITTI


Cenolina Hernandez

Administrative Aide - ITTC & Bloom - Spanish Speaking 


Isa Foley

Client Care Coordinator - ITTC & Bloom



Robin Bodhi

Massage Therapist

Let's Start the Conversation

To schedule an appointment or consultation, please call (971) 266-6910, or complete the patient inquiry form.

Integrative Trauma Treatment Center
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Integrative Trauma Treatment Center