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Portland OR

Integrating psychotherapy, medication management, body work & mindfulness for an encompassing and empowering approach to healing.

Massage Therapy

Massage in adjunct with therapy (preferably immediately before or after a therapy or medication management session) provides an opportunity to compliment goals of the psychotherapy.

Therapy + Massage

  • Calming the nervous system (this is important for trauma survivors!).
  • A safe opportunity to redefine one’s relationship to touch as a therapeutic goal.
  • Implementation of self-care goals with a safe practitioner.
  • Elevates mood for those struggling with depression.
  • Opportunity to work with a massage therapist who specializes in mental health & trauma.

Therapy offers a safe environment to process past trauma, to identify & address issues related to mood, to address addiction or other psychiatric processes. While it is an important resource with its’ own distinctive value, sometimes it isn’t enough. Trauma, mood disorders, & addiction are all manifested physically, emotionally, and in thought. While a therapist has the capacity to facilitate healing in the categories of thought & feeling, clients are left to deal with the physical component on their own. The experiential aspect of what ails can be the most debilitating while simultaneously offering direct access to healing. Our bodies are often communicating to us what we need in order to heal, and yet we often ignore them in the process of recovery.

Additionally, our massage therapist is trained to be cognizant of specific needs of those struggling with trauma or mental health concerns. ITTC offers a safe place for body work in order to increase accessibility and decrease discomfort. A final benefit is that we offer a nurturing environment to address pain or injury to trauma, stress, or. motor vehicle accidents (MVA).