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Laura Anderson, LPC, Therapist

Laura Anderson, LPC


My Bio

Change is a constant we often want to come but struggle with when it arrives. It’s something I’m constantly working and so I strive to find flexibility within myself to grow and adapt. I take comfort and support from the great outdoors – kayaking, biking, hiking, running, yoga. And when I’m not out adventuring, I love reading a good book, knitting or sewing, or whipping up something from my garden.

I am an LPC in Oregon and have been a licensed clinician since 2010. I have studied primarily in New England, receiving a Bachelors in Arts in Hispanic Languages and Literatures and Sociology from Boston University and a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Coursework focused on an environmental approach to individual clients and included substance abuse, groups and family dynamics, lifespan development, and human sexuality. I have continued to seek out trainings to grow my knowledge and have recently attended trainings for self-compassion work and aucular acupressure.

I began my career in college counseling centers working with individuals as they sought to establish and understand their identities. I came to understand that traumas across the lifespan can be stumbling blocks in this endeavor and that the skills that allow one to survive often no longer serve an individual in building the life they wish to live. But individuals who have survived traumas can access this same strength to challenge and shrink what isn’t working in their lives and grow what is working. I have witnessed first hand such dramatic perseverance and growth in my work with college students, immigrants, individuals identifying as LGBTQ, individuals seeking gender affirming transition, individuals living with HIV/AIDS, in rape crisis center support and medical advocacy, and through the court system with children, families, and emergency evaluations.

I believe in the power of the individual to make changes within their own life. Therapy is a tool to provide you with skills, knowledge, and perspective to understand and accept and therefore create change in your own life. I take an eclectic approach to each individual’s concerns, pulling mainly from behavioral teachings. I primarily utilize dialectical behavioral, cognitive behavioral, and acceptance and commitment therapy techniques. But these techniques are tools along a journey that is undertaken together for the therapeutic relationship is the core to all of the work that we do. I’m honored to be invited on your journey to change, and I look forward to working together on this journey.