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Integrating psychotherapy, medication management, acupuncture, reiki & massage for an encompassing and empowering approach to healing.

Why Body Work & Therapy?

Western culture is inclined to distinguish the body from the mind, as though the two are separate entities with dissociated responses to the environment. Additionally, the societal response to physical ailments can be markedly different from emotional injuries; all people are assumed vulnerable to physical illness or injury, while afflictions associated with mental health are thought to be rooted in personal failure, character flaws or weakness.

In effort to include the body in emotional healing while acknowledging physical and emotional interplay, ITTC offers adjunctive therapies for an integrative approach to mental health concerns. Ideally, Massage, Reiki or Acupuncture would occur prior to or following a counseling session, although this isn’t a requirement. All services are offered a la carte as well as in adjunct, however body work treatments received in conjunction with therapy or medication management will be discounted by 20%

All providers are safe & encouraged to tailor goals to the individual. Goals for treatment are established through communication between you, your mental health provider and body worker. All services are available both to ITTC clientele and community members!

Here are some ways in which body work can be used in adjunct with psychotherapy or medication management:

Therapy + Acupuncture:

  • A powerful combination for depression & anxiety
  • Assists with opening up prior to counseling; helps calm the nervous system following a difficult session.
  • Treatment of pain related to trauma
  • Research is increasingly supportive of utilizing acupuncture for PTSD and other mental health conditions.

Therapy + Massage:

  • Calming the nervous system (this is important for trauma survivors!).
  • A safe opportunity to redefine one’s relationship to touch as a therapeutic goal
  • Implementation of self-care goals with a safe practitioner.
  • Elevates mood for those struggling with depression.
  • Opportunity to work with a massage therapist who specializes in mental health & trauma.

Therapy + Reiki:

  • A gentle approach to exposure to touch for those with negative associations with physical contact.
  • Supporting the therapeutic goal of regulating and balancing emotion.

Why Body Work and Therapy

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