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Month: October 2017

New Trauma Groups!

In effort to continue to build community for and around survivors of PTSD, ITTC is making a concerted effort to expand our support and processing group offerings. Here is the list so far!

DID Skills Group: Every other Wednesday @ 3pm starting today!
Men’s Trauma Group: Tuesdays @ 11am starting 10/2
Ongoing DBT Groups: Wednesdays @ 3pm
Ongoing DID Experiences group: Every other Wednesday @ 3pm
Trauma Support Group for Female-Identified Survivors: Mondays @ 10am starting this Fall (date TBA)
Trauma-informed Yoga Classes and Workshops (TBA) please inquire

Attached are some of the flyers for these events. Feel free to contact us for further details!

Skills Group Dissociationmen’s trauma group (1)Trauma Group Fall 2017